Any business owner understands the challenge of finding the right talent. Throughout the years of interviewing for a wide array of jobs, I have seen many miss steps along the way from applicants from the seasoned professionals to the newbies entering the market.

The top 5 tips not to do in an interview:

Expect to land a job without submitting samples of your work. Just because you have been in the field for a while does not exempt one from showing their work and success stores. What a missed opportunity to stand above the crowd to shine. I remember one arrogant candidate asked me “why would I really need to show his work. I saw his portfolio and that should be enough.”

Coming to an interview ill prepared. Never show up to an interview not understanding what job you are applying for or not have a clue about the company you are interviewing with. During an interview, if you inquire and ask about basic questions like…

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