ID-100261047There is so much daily pressure to get it all done. Our schedules fill up before we know it. Sometimes it’s due to our clients work, while other times we simply try to do too much. Staying “busy” isn’t always the most efficient way to work. Some people feel harassed by the constant interruptions of emails, phone calls, texts and maybe an unexpected meeting or two.

We want to avoid mindless “productivity,” which is the constant need to do something, amounting in a tendency to waste time on menial tasks. Your business can become “blocked” if you are avoiding things like cold calling, proposal rejections or even dealing with a challenging client. It is much better to have a proactive plan rather than a reactive one to tackle the tough parts of the day. A positive energy flow promotes creative thinking and helps you cope with issues easier throughout the day.
#1 Simplify.Your day shouldn’t be about squeezing as many tasks into it as possible. It’s about simplifying how you work, doing things quicker and relieving stress, thus allowing space in your life for people, rest and play.

#2 Learn to say no. Remember, you are in charge of your schedule and agree to set the items on it. For instance, if your child wants to play the piano but also wants to play basketball, you can always negotiate. You are an example to them on how to manage your busy life. It also sets boundaries for them so you can rebalance your life in a more purposeful, healthy manner.

#3 Set aside one hour a day to plan. Strategize how to address any issues and do the hardest task first to keep your energy level up.

#4 Don’t multi-task everything. Did you know only 2% of people can multi-task efficiently, according to studies? No need to add all the extra pressure to always be “on.” You might be getting many things done, but what is the quality of work?

#5 Your “to-do” list should be realistic. Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed by it in totality. One of the fastest ways to get stressed out is to think about your massive to-do list. Focus on the one task before you. Then tackle one, single, solitary task at a time.

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