Public relations can be an invaluable tool to amp up your word of mouth. It can range from educating your target audiences to repositioning your company against the competition. Many times we all have enjoyed the community events and charitable happenings fueled by PR. It also can fast track a company into the main stream spotlight.

Below are top five reasons to consider PR:

1. My company is going through a merger.

2. My company wants to launch a new service/product.

3. No one knows what my company is doing.

4. Your company and staff are doing lots of outreach but no one outside of the business knows about it.

5. You want to reposition your company in a specific focus and different light.

Public relations can be quite cost effective when compared to the small investment in working with the media vs having to pay for that media placement. The right campaign can provide exposure to a much larger audience for a modest investment.

Recently we did a short media blitz for one our customers. He did a local media appearance which resulted in his message being delivered to 250,000 folks and a consistent spike in product revenue. His investment was a small fraction of what the actual media buy would have been to buy the air time to deliver his message to the right audiences. Not to mention the print media coverage to add an additional 40,000 readers. A reputable firm will offer a client metrics to leverage big data to show how the approach moved audiences into an action or reaction. If you are looking for some professional help please give Baker Creative a call to find out more at 614.836.3845 for an assessment.