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employee rolesYour phone is ringing. Your email inbox is flooding. You are running from meeting to meeting.

Sometimes we get so caught up in day-to-day work, that we lose sight of our company’s mission and vision.

Every day your company communicates something to your target consumer, whether or not it is on the forefront of your mind. And the messages your company sends, communicates your brand.

The important thing to note is that everyone in your company represents it. Every single employee communicates the company brand.

“But I’m just the IT guy. I sit at a computer all day and troubleshoot emails. I don’t have anything to do with developing the business strategy and brand. So it doesn’t really matter how I portray myself or how I speak about the company.”

Sadly, this may be on the minds of many of your employees. Some members of your team may not realize that how they perform and portray themselves can have a tremendous affect on your business.

  1. What your employees SAY matters

How your employees feel about your company can easily translate into comments about the business. If a team member has low job satisfaction, chances are they will communicate that to someone. Soon a negative connotation may be associated with your brand.

Making sure your employees are aware of the company brand is crucial. The brand voice should be carried through everything they say. Even though they may not be senior management, keeping a collective brand voice across the company is essential if your business is to be successful.

  1. What your employees DO matters

Every action your employee does communicates your brand. For example, if your company is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote sustainability, your employees should probably not be seen throwing away plastic bottles in the regular trash. If your employees aren’t embodying your brand, then how can any of your target consumers get behind your mission?

All employees should be aware of the company brand – they represent it every day. Communicate to your employees how their role is in line with the company brand and marry the two together. Every company role counts to make a business successful.

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