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I often wonder if our “bucket list” is really on the surface what we really want. On my bucket list, I want to go the the great wall of China, visit Bora Bora, and go to the south of Italy by the sea. Take five minutes to consider what would be on yours.

Upon further evaluation, do these list of items nod to something symbolic, something deeper? By auditing these wishes much like an anthropologist may go on a dig. Am I willing to get my hands a little dirty to unearth the truth? To delve into  the authentic reasons why I want to visit these places. What themes are these speaking to me visually as I roll them over in my mind’s landscape?

With one stroke of the my mind’s brush more of the reasons seem to appear much like a valued artifact. I notice my theme is tranquility, and serenity. A nod to what has come and the possibility of what is to come. The anticipation of planning a trip that revisits back in time is sharp contrast to what we know to be today’s truths of what seems to matter at the moment.

The cell phone ringing, the emails and tweets raining in like colorful confetti. In retrospect, all of it not mattering much a year from now. My bucket list seems to be about spending time with my family from a place of serenity and peace. So I invite you to take a short break from your “busy” to take a breath and go deeper,
so you don’t miss it’s true meaning. Be open, walk up to edge of the calm pool. Focus on what matters and go swimming in the deep.

Life is waiting…

Don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it.
~Author Unknown

Photosource: freedigitalphotos.net