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814_3Many entrepreneurs shoot from the hip and hit the ground running. Some never stop to take a chance to evaluate their past performance or changes in the marketplace until one day there has been a shift in their business. Proper planning is the key to keep your staff, clients and finances on the right track. Let’s face it there are a ton of ways to invest a budget. On occasion, I will meet with a potential client who states their plan in “right here” as they point to their head.  Lets face it, a plan that has not been put down on paper is a dream with little commitment. How can a owner or manager properly communicate with the team if the plan is not written down as a blueprint for next steps. How can it be properly assessed and tweaked as an ever changing plan in your head?

Here are a few small tips to help you get started on your next steps:

• Plan early before your staff arrives at the office. Being quite helps you focus and listen to your inner small voice.

• Create a vision board to where you want to be in 2014. Cut out words and images of where you want to be to communicate with your team your vision clearly. Paste them on a sheet of paper and post it in a visible place for all to see in your work area.

• Share with your team your vision and discuss what that would look like and how it will help them in their job roles. Discuss the impact on your customers.

Baker Creative can provide an outside assessment to provide  the right next steps for your business. Get started today by calling 614.836.3845.

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