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Infographics have been known for providing great information on business topics and other subjects that are useful to business executives and owners. Not all infographics provide you with business savvy information. Some just give you random information that you wouldn’t typically have thought about.

Baker Creative wanted to cover some funny and interesting infographics that wouldn’t normally make it into the top business magazines.

  1. Ever Been Late For Work Infographic – This diagram honestly breaks down statistics and excuses for why people are late to work. Some of the excuses for why people are late to work are quite funny. One example is “long story short… two kids, one box of cocoa puffs, a half gallon of expired milk, projectile vomiting…” I know that seems gross but some of these excuses are entertaining.
  2. Love By Numbers: Valentine’s Day UK Style Infographic – Since most of you who are reading this do not live in the UK, it is quite interesting to read the statistics on how the UK spends Valentine’s Day. For example, 32% of single Britons will go to bed early on Valentine’s Day. It also gives you information of the most and least romantic cities in Britain.
  3. Wacky Wake Ups Infographic – If you have a hard time waking up, some of these alarms clocks may be for you. On alarm clock will roll around the room like a robot and you have to catch it to turn it off. Another alarm clock works like a car on hydraulics. It will bounce the bed until you get up, whether you are trying to turn it off or running to the bathroom to get sick.
  4. The Reasons We Are Afraid of the Dark Infographic – This infographic breaks down reasons people are afraid of the dark beginning at the origin of humans. It mentions how 46% of people do not get good sleep because of their fear of the dark. Another fun fact is that the dark is good for us and if we have prolonged light exposure before bed it could cause sleep disorders.
  5. Our Passion for Beards Infographic – Ever wonder what type of beard is right for you? Well this infographic will let you know. First, it covers a history of the beard and then explains where each beard originated. Who thinks of this?

Infographics are very creative and it is interesting to see what type of content people can create. Do you have any funny infographics that is useful for business? Please share them below and check out more infographics for yourself by following the links below.

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