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As a person who monitors social media for an agency, social media can be overwhelming after awhile. Most days there is nothing but bad news on news feeds or just boring posts about the weather. Day after day can really take the energy out of a person. I have noticed that when I get home, I don’t even feel like getting on my personal social media. Since this is what I choose to do for my profession and do not get me wrong, I think social media and how it connects the world is fascinating, but from time to time I do not want to be connected.

I know I am not the only one out there who works social media all day and I am sure others feel the way I do.

Here are a few ways to take a break from social media:

  1. Disable the email sync on your phone – Since most people cannot chance turning off their phones because it’s a main communication between family members, you can turn off the feature that allows emails to pop up. If you are trying to relax or watch a movie with family or friends, it is hard to concentrate when your phone lights up every minute because of an email. Yes, email and social media are separate platforms but some people have social media notifications emailed to their account, which then alerts their cell phone. Turn this feature off for just a day to get a digital break.
  2. Announce your absence on social media the day before – You do not have to tell people why you are staying away from the social world, just that you need a break. Most people will read this and understand and leave you alone for the whole day. It may inspire others to get “offline” for a day.
  3. Put someone else in charge – If you are running a business and social media is vital for communication, put another employee in charge of checking the social networks in case a customer has a question or concern. This will assure you that at least someone will be there to answer posts and to make sure that all hell does not break loose on your Facebook page.
  4. Do not use your camera phone – If you are taking a little day trip with your family, bring an actual camera to capture moments. This way, you are not tempted to upload the photo unto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other platform you use. A camera can be uploaded after your day of no social media is over.

Enjoy your break and read a book or spend some time outside playing with the kids or the dog. Let your mind zone out so when you go back to work, your ideas are fresh and you are on top of your game.

Image: freedigitalphotos