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Have you ever been on a company’s Facebook page and there is nothing but text, text, and more text? Does that instantly bore you, causing you to flee their lifeless page ? Like most people, your answer is probably ,yes. As human beings in a fast-paced world, we enjoy seeing images and videos that can quickly give us information in a creative way.  Try going on your favorite brand’s Facebook page and scrolling through the feed quickly. If that brand is well established and knows what they are doing, they will have plenty of images.

When writing this blog, I tried this experiment by looking at Tiffany & Co.’s Facebook page and what did I see? A lot of bling and baby blue.  I saw images of love, fashion, and huge diamond rocks. Knowing Tiffany’s and what the brand is about, the images that I saw seemed right on target. Pictures and videos are what keep customers and followers interested. The bottom line? Images matter on social media.

Let’s take a bakery for example. There is an amazing cupcake store in Columbus, Ohio that has a variety of cupcake flavors that are always changing. They have great promotions, sales, and even a cupcake happy hour. If you go onto their Facebook page and scroll down, you will there is no shortage of delicious displays of cupcakes. Wedding cake cupcakes, chocolate chip cupcakes, margarita cupcakes, Coke float cupcake and the list goes on. Images sell and if this store did not post enticing pictures of their beautiful cupcakes, there would be a small chance that people would get a craving and run to the bakery after dinner.

Wouldn’t you go in for dessert if you saw this pop up on your news feed?


It is very important to include images on your social networks. Using a Public Relations agency can help you choose the best content for your brand. Agencies research what your target demographic wants to see. They take these pictures and make them look great so people will want your purchase product and will keep coming back for more. A picture says a thousand words after all. They create color, feeling, and plant important questions in a customer’s mind like wonder, “I bet those taste like heaven,” or “ I’m sure that diamond rings would look great on my finger.” Using images is personal and as a brand, you want your customer to feel connected to you.

Photo: Freedigitalphoto