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Many people who are new to social media can get frustrated when their new Facebook page or Twitter account does not bring in the numbers they were hoping for. If you are a newer company and compare your social media site to Kellogg’s, you are already setting up yourself for failure. There are many reasons why Kellogg has so many followers and likes and one is because they have strategies and people working hours everyday to engage just on social media platforms. If time like that is not on your schedule, there are agencies out there, like Baker Creative, who will do that work for you and take that stress off your hands. But you have to understand what you will see from social media.

With that said, here are a few misconceptions about social media:

  • It cannot… automatically make your sales increase. Just because you have a Facebook and Twitter page does not mean that sales will go through the roof. Brands have to portray what kind of business they are and interact with customers. Social media is a platform and does not do the work for you. If you see company pages with thousands of followers, there is a reason behind that.
  • It cannot… replace marketing and public relations. Just because you have a page or pages, does not mean you should not be following other strategies to express your brand to clients and customers. Social media is merely a channel to use and should not replace a person or department.
  • It cannot… just be a short-term project. Implementing social media into your strategy can be new and exciting, but you have to upkeep it for as many years as your business is running. Social media is like a new puppy. For the first few months and even years it is very exciting and upbeat. Once the puppy turns into a dog it slows down and tends to be a bit lazy. Just because that dog does not want to learn new tricks does not mean you should just ignore it. The older dog will still need care, attention and love just like your social media site. It’s about building and fostering long-term relationships.
  • It cannot… deliver you followers and fans overnight. If you are a new bakery in town and decide to use social media, do not think that once your page is up people will be lining around the block to try your new pastries. You have to use that social media for months, everyday to ensure people are engaging with you, being educated and that you are showing your value.

After reading these points, you as reader may be thinking, “then why should I get social media at all?” Yes, social media cannot do the above points, but with the right person and strategy working with your social media, these points CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED OVER A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME. Social media is about building online relationships where your audience resides. Success is never guaranteed overnight and it takes time to develop a new brand. Baker Creative has a lot of experience with implementing social media strategies with marketing and public relations strategies. Give us a call.