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It is no secret that Pinterest has become one of the leading social media platforms of this generation. When people talk about Pinterest, they think of women planning their dream weddings, recipes they want to try and fashion that they love. It is so much more than that. Popular companies such as Nike, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods Market and the Travel Channel all are using Pinterest to their advantage. They use the boards to promote their products, tricks on using their products, events they throw and philanthropies they support.

For companies, Pinterest is a way to promote their brand on a creative level without using text. Ideas are organized and most all of the pictures really grab the essence of the product. Some brands can be confused on what to do with a Pinterest account and start using it incorrectly. Even though it may seem simple, there is a strategy behind using this platform to promote the brand.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when putting together your brand’s Pinterest:

  1. Each board is it’s own idea. Say you are a chef and you want to make a Pinterest for your new restaurant. You could break each board into different food categories like soups, salads, desserts and so forth. Putting a board called “Menu” is too broad.
  2. Make sure your bio reflects what you want your Pinterest to reflect. Put what you and/or your restaurant are about. Make sure to include links to your website and social media so customers can connect on multiple platforms. Also, do not leave the profile picture blank. Put a picture of the front of the restaurant or your logo in that place.
  3. Make sure your strategy includes daily up keeping of your Pinterest page. Even if you pin or like a few pins a day, that will be enough to stay in front of customer’s eyes.

There are many other tips, tricks and secrets to creating a successful Pinterest to drive sales and engage with customers. If you would like to create a Pinterest, or any other social media outlet, for you business please contact us and we will guide you in the direction to make those platforms a success.