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It is no secret that smartphones are in possession of almost every person in America. Mobile providers are making updates and making them easier to use for the consumer. Companies nationwide have been using the mobile marketing strategy for many years now and more are joining in. These businesses are creating apps that make it easy for the public to shop, order, receive updates and special discounts. Banks, insurance companies, restaurants and retail stores are among the most popular to have a business app. ComScore data reported that 82% of mobile media time is spent on apps.

Many companies have not jumped on the mobile marketing bandwagon yet and it could be holding them back. People on the go want an easy way to access contact information or location of a certain business. Searching via website and take to long and drain a cellular battery. Apps are easy to use and smartphone friendly. So how exactly could your business benefit from mobile marketing.

Check-ins: People love to check-in to the restaurant or store they are shopping at because most of the time they can receive great benefits. Discounts are very popular when you check-in at restaurants and it keeps the customers coming back for more.

Text/SMS marketing: The great thing about this is people with unlimited mobile messaging will not mind signing up for this. Once you get a customers permission, you can send weekly texts about special offers or updates right to their phone.

QR Codes: You can make it easy for the customer to download your app by placing a QR code on your business cards or company flyers. It will be simple enough for them to scam the code and the app will automatically download.

Business apps: Apps are easier to view on a smartphone than websites. Apps can let you control which features would be valuable for the customer to view and simple to navigate. It would also be easy to connect the company’s social media links in the app so customers could easily navigate their way to those pages.

There are many other benefits to integrating mobile marketing into your business strategy. Baker Creative can help you introduce mobile marketing to your business. Contact us at baker-creative.com for more information.