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Baker Creative prides itself on being animal lovers. We currently have a dog, cat and lizard that work with us in the office. If some type of emergency happened in the office we would want to make sure that not only we were safe, but the pets were as well. Planning an evacuation plan for your pets during an emergency can mean saving their lives.

At the office, we will even take 15 minutes to practice for different disasters with the pets to ensure everyone knows what to do. It is important that every pet filled office or family with pets know what to do with the pets when disaster strikes. Keep these tips in mind when planning ahead.

  • Every year, have your pet updated with shots and make sure their tag information is correct. Put phone numbers and addresses of family members or friends out of state so they can be contacted when you are unavailable. Veterinarians also can microchip your pet so all a shelter has to do is scan the pets back and contact information can retrieved.
  • Keep a current photo in your wallet or purse so your pet can be easily identified. Make sure the face is visible and distinct body markings are shown.
  • Keep leashes, pet carriers or harness near the door so you can easily grab them after collecting your pet. Once you are in a safe area, attach the leashes to prevent runaway pets.
  • Put together a “pet survival” kit. If you live in an area prone to disasters this may be a good thing to keep near an exit or the car. Include food, water, vet records, medicine and a pet first aid kit incase you have to stay at a hotel or shelter.
  • Know the hotels or shelter around you that allows animals to be present. Gopetfriendly.com can give you a list depending on your zip code of all the places that allows pets. If the disaster is really bad, most places that provide shelter will allow pets for an emergency case.

Pets are like family members and we want to make sure they are safe as well. Never let your pets go thinking they can survive on their own or do not leave them behind to retrieve them later. Pets spook easily and will run fast and far so make sure you have a tight hold on them. Taking the time to plan for your pets can save you time when an actual disaster strikes.