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As Facebook and Twitter continue to grow as leading platforms for brands, there are a few platforms that are also in the running. Instagram for instance now has over 100 million users and that number is growing everyday. What is great about Instagram is that it seems like a simple app but there are many tricks to spread your content across the digital world.

For big corporations like Coach, Puma, and Starbucks it is easy to gain followers who share their Instagram images and like their pictures. Although these companies have already developed a large following, small businesses can have this chance too. If you haven’t jumped on the Instagram bandwagon there are a few things you should know.

  1. It does not take a professional photographer to take a nice Instagram photo. There are filters included in the app that allows you to change the look and feel of the photo. You can also move the photo around to crop edges and focus on a certain thing. A simple social media expert can do this job for you. Instagram also allows you use the pictures stored in your phone in case you do not have time to post it.
  2. There is a description section for a reason. Loading pictures on Instagram without a description is like sharing your vacation photos with the family and not telling them what is going on in the photos. If people are following you, they will want to know who or what is in the picture.
  3. Instagram now allows you to create videos. Instagram decided to add this feature to compete with the famous Vine app that allows for only videos to be taken. This feature is nice as you can create a 15 second clip that could show more then what a picture could show. You could also tease or announce something about the brand to your followers.
  4. People interact on Instagram so make sure you talk back. On each picture there is a like and comment feature that will allow followers and non-followers to interact. If you ignore those conversations you might as well not post pictures.
  5. Instagram is only on mobile phones. Yes, there is a way to see your account on the computer and comment and like pictures but you cannot post a picture via the computer Internet. So you have to have access to an Apple or Android phone but now of days that is not much of an issue.

Instagram can really work for your brand by promoting products or what is going on around the office. You want to make sure your profile describes the brand and you take the right pictures. Taking inappropriate pictures that do not relate to your brand could hurt your business. Baker Creative is very familiar with the Instagram app and can very well help your business start up its own account. Send us an email to learn how to grow your brand by visiting baker-creative.com