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With technology increasing day by day, we are never surprised at what a new company releases. For example, iPhone just made the announcement that the new phone will have a finger print recognition feature that will allow for owners to just press their finger against the phone to unlock it. We will admit, that is genius.

Recently, we read about an Internet program that can replace the job of interns as social media specialist. The idea is companies will not have to hire staff as long as they pay a monthly fee for this program to do the social media work. Many recent college graduates have enough trouble trying to find a job and now they have to worry about finding an internship if they have majors such as public relations or marketing.

As a public relations specialist, there are many things that do not seem right about using a social media bot to do the work of an actual person. How this program works is you input keywords that represent your brand and then the bots will post what they want and when they want about materials relating to those keywords. It sounds nice to not have to worry if you are posting the best times of day, but what about the content? To trust an Internet robot to know the type of content that you want posted on your company’s social media pages seems a bit risky.

Social media is more than content and publishing times. As a brand, you are selling something. Nike and Sketchers both sells shoes but that does not mean they want to send the same message to customers. There is a voice behind social media and a presence that needs to be monitored by an actual person. If Nike signed up for this social bot and the social bot posted why sandals are bad for posture that might send a mixed message. Nike sells sandals and promoting an article that speaks negatively on that product could turn customers away.

Social bots post depending on keywords. They cannot answer a customer if they have a question on social media nor can they post personal messages about the brand. Companies that have a social media team or manager working for their brand can get a lot further in the social world than what a robot will do. It takes strategy, monitoring, engaging and knowledge of how social media can work for your brand. If you would like to talk more about social media, feel free to call or email us at baker-creative.com