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As far as public relations goes, many people have mixed understandings about what a public relations professional really does and what it means to have PR for your company.

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) public relations is “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” To sum it up, public relations is a communications process that fosters and creates relationships between a company, business or organization and the public they want to connect with.

In Sex and the City, Samantha Jones runs her own PR firm where she hosts elaborate parties and mingles with famous movie stars. Although, to a certain extend, that portrayal could be true if you live in Hollywood, most of the time it does not involve sequin dresses and cocktail parties.

We wanted to clear up some PR myths that can mislead organizations and future public relations professionals.

  1. We are not “playing” on Facebook and Twitter all day. A part of being a public relations person is monitoring social media platforms for organizations. This could be an internal or external position depending on the company. Not only are PR pros creating content that speaks for the company and to the audience, but also we monitor what other people are saying about the brand and communicate with fans and customers. If you follow Target on Twitter, you can safely assume that the person writing those tweets is not the CEO himself but a public relations or social media strategist. This person’s job is to inform customers about deals, new styles and updates on Target as they happen.
  2. We do not rub elbows and party with celebrities or rock bands. Yes, these famous people do have a PR team but I can almost guarantee that they are not right next to them at every fancy event. Public relations people do have some responsibility to plan events and make sure their clients are where they are supposed to be but that is mostly the end of their glamour. If they are attending the event it is only to work and it is important to be working or you might loose that client.
  3. Public relations is not free or easy. This is actually someone’s career. Most companies will not hire you as a PR professional if you do not have a public relations or communications degree. Some companies even want you to have years of experience. There are some cases where people “act” like a public relations specialist, but more times than none, those companies do not succeed as well as they would if they hired a person who studied the profession.
  4. PR is still suggested even if nothing bad happened to your company. Media and press can sometimes create a bad name for brands if they mess up. This is where PR would come in. But if your company has nothing bad against them, it could still be a good idea to hire a PR specialist. PR people are good about getting your brand out there to create more customers and promote the brand. We make it our goal to help you build your brand to its best potential.

If you have any questions about these myths or would like to talk to Baker Creative about public relations assistance, please comment below or contact us at baker-creative.com