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In the past few years, tablets have grown to be the “new lap-top” and how could these devices not be popular? They are small, convenient, touch screen and can basically do everything a laptop can. Plus they are cheaper. But with every company coming into the tablet age, which one will be put to rest as others rise to steal the hearts of executives and professionals?

We are all familiar with the popular Apple iPad. Apple has made many versions and sizes to fit the needs of all family members. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to release the fifth generation iPad in September with a mini version to follow. The iPad has virtually no end to being the top tablet with high Retina display, speedy reaction, faster wireless connection and almost 400,000 apps that can teach, entertain, research and be a personal assistant. These slim tablets run for a few hundred dollars but with all the features, it is very hard to pass up.

If you are not into the Apple crowd, HP could be your choice of tablet. The HP Slate is a very useful tablet. It allows you to take pictures, download apps, has Android speed, Beats audio system and powerful battery life. Cheaper than the iPad, these tablets can still perform everything you need for on the go business. If you have always worked with HP and love the products, the tablet may be a great alternative to the laptop.

The Samsung Galaxy tablets can almost compare to the Kindle Fires. There is nothing too spectacular about these tablets, but they can be used for meetings, Internet access, entertainment and app access. The Galaxy has released a new tablet called the Note that comes with an S Pen. This pen allows you to write and draw on your tablet almost as if it were a piece of paper. If you are more of a pen/paper type of person, this tablet is perfect for you. You can also erase just like a real pencil.

Kindle Fires are known for there large HD displays and are the best for reading books and watching movies. If you love to read, this would be a tablet for you but you can also use this tablet for many other reasons. It has wireless capability, apps, and a camera that can be used to talk to people via Skype and has an email feature. This device would also work well to use for business reasons and the price is very reasonable compared to other tablets.

The real question is which tablet will continue to add features and a faster connection to stay in the technology race? Which tablet is your favorite?