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Even though summer officially starts in a week, it is not too late to do some “business” spring-cleaning.

In a busy, corporate world, it is easy to get a little unorganized. Sticky notes become the new office décor theme, the mailboxes look like they just moved in from the post office and manila folders are popping out for air from your file cabinets.

Although it is a good thing that the company is busy rather than having time to color code the pens, sometimes departments need to take a cleaning day. This will be a team effort and could help employees learn to work together more efficiently.

5 tips for company spring-cleaning:

1. Phone numbers, address and calendars – As you should already have a program in place to organize these things, today it’s time to update. Take business cards, emails, mail and client info you scribbled on a post-it note and input them into your computers filling system. I am guessing you have made new contacts within the last year and the information has yet to find its way to the computer. This will help prevent stacks of notes and contacts from setting up home on your desk.

2. Go through email accounts – Are there emails you receive that you delete each time you get them? Scroll down to the end of the email and hit the “opt-out” button. If you didn’t read them this year, chances are you won’t want them next year. Also, while you are going through emails, add contacts from emails into that computer system you put the rest of your contacts in.

3. Let the manila folders breathe. Take some time to go through the filing cabinets. If you see a folder you haven’t touched in five years either store it or throw it out. They sell boxes at office supply stores so just place them in there and write on the box all the items inside so it is easily found later. Group together files if you have several files on the same project or client. Create a tab section for each project and make sure the files are together. If you really want to be a crazy organizer, alphabetize your folders from A-Z starting from the top.

4. Clean out the mailboxes. Read all the mail and see if you need to keep anything. More then likely, physical mail coming to your business is credit card applications, advertisements or mail that is not even yours. Answer all invitations and key in any address or contacts that sent you mail into your computer. Another thing you can get rid of is the five years of subscribed magazines you have already read. You can find all those articles on the internet by now and magazines take up a huge amount of space.

5. Goals, values and mission statements. This is not really considered cleaning but it is nice to get the executives together and make sure the goals of the company and everyone’s roles are refreshed in their minds. You can add things or take away points that are not relevant anymore. This will keep all the top dogs top of mind.

Hopefully these points will help your office become a little more organized so you can run efficiently and smoothly. Being organized is one way to succeed.