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For many years, the Internet and social media have been given a bad reputation.  It is known for spreading vulgar pictures, false rumors and stealing identity capabilities.  Social media has been a big hit in the news generating stories about rape, political scandal and celebrity bashing.  Most adults are trying to stray their children away from being sucked into this digital world they spend several hours a day in.

What most people are unaware of is how effective social media can be when it comes to spreading awareness about a serious topic. Many non-profit organizations have fan pages that contain information on how to donate, become involved and get educated on a topic. Other social media pages can promote topics, like anti-bullying or pro-life. People can “like” and “share” these pages to educate their friends on subjects they might have a personal connection.

Here are three social media pages that we believe have a really good message and make a difference:

Bully – Bully is a Facebook page that promotes The Bully Project, a documentary following five kids for one school year to see how students, schools and parents deal with bullying.  This is a very touching site that shares emotional stories and pictures about kids who have dealt with bullying or who stand up to bullies. Just by looking at this page, you know the goal is to educate and prevent further bullying in America.

The Lazy Pit Bull – This site is a dog activist site that promotes the breed of pit bulls. This page contains stories, facts and blog posts about this misunderstood breed. One great thing about this page is that Christina Berry, who is the creator, believes that networking can save animals’ lives and has pictures and stories to prove it.  Every day there is a posting about a dog who is on “the list” to be terminated at a shelter. She encourages others to share this dog on their wall in hopes it will reach someone who will save that life.  When an animal is saved, she makes sure to update her followers.

Operation Blessing International – Operation Blessing is a humanitarian organization that provides disaster relief, hunger relief, clean water, medical aid and orphan care to poverty stricken countries around the world.  This organization is faith based that educates about poverty, shares heart-warming stories and donates time and money to help those less fortunate. This social media page is a great example of how people connect all over the world to help others.

These pages are only a few examples of how social media is connecting people and changing the world for the better.  Today’s youth can learn from these stories of how good deeds of one person can turn into a better life for someone else. If kids were taught that sharing a photo of a dog or taking a pledge against bullying can change the life for someone, they will learn the value of staying connected.

For more information on these organizations:

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