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It is important for a company to see numbers on how the social media Google+ is the newest platform to the social media club.  Each profile in Google+ gets centered around a stream of your interest, which are joined by four categories.  Circles, hangouts, huddles and sparks are all categories that allow you to communicate and discuss your interests.

This social media platform may only be looked at as a “social” way for friends to connect.  Little do businesses know, Google+ can be a great resource to grow their brand.

Locating around the world

Google+ allows search engines to find your business depending on the content of your profile.  For example, if you are a bakery and sell cakes and coffee, those two simple keywords can lead customers to your Google+ profile. This is possible through posts, videos and pictures you post on your profile.

Broadcast your business worldwide

With Google+ hangouts, your business can set up video conversations with clients, co-workers and even customers.  Posting a video to Hangout on Air can allow you broadcast your brand even further.  Customers all over the world can watch a segment on “how-to” or even watch you speak at a convention.  People can engage with each other or record it to playback later.

Measuring the social profile

platform is improving the brand.  Through Google+, you can identify who the influential followers are and who is sharing and resharing your posts. Google analytics allows reporting from your profile showing recommendations, visitors and what keywords are working for your brand.

Listening to your customers

With Google+ you are able to search names or keywords to view what people are saying about the brand.   With this tool, your company can understand the customers and fix any faults that may be bringing your brand down negatively.

For Daria Musk, she became a global rock star overnight because of her live concert via Google+ Hangouts.  She has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine and Mashable.  At the end of November she will be a featured speaker at the Mashable Media Summit discussing her fame through a live social media concert.

Daria is a prime example of how Google+ can provide the resources to spread a brand worldwide.  Businesses have the opportunity to gain a following for their brand simply by logging into Google.

Mashable- Daria Musk