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We LOVE Earth Day at Baker Creative!  In fact, we like nature so much we turned our property into a certified Wildlife Habitat.  Restoring some of the landscape into its natural state proved to be beneficial to our employees as well as the environment.

Spending time outdoors can lower stress a significantly. Our employees say watching the birds, fish, squirrels and other woodland creatures helps them to unwind between complicated meetings and tight deadlines.

The American Academy of Family Physicians says that two-thirds of visits to the family doctor are stress-related.

We encourage you to consider to taking these super simple steps provided by the National Wildlife Foundation to convert your outdoor space into a certified wildlife habitat.

  1. Provide food and water for wildlife.
  2. Create cover for wildlife that offers protection from predators and a place for them to raise their offspring.
  3. Certify away!

Here are some photos of what our certified habitat looks like. Enjoy!