Newsweek recently reported that creativity scores have been declining in children and adults since 1990.

Age group most at risk—children in grades kindergarten through sixth

Reason—emphasis on nationally standardized testing, lack of creative development in the classroom and the number of hours children spend in front of the television

All across the world, countries are seeking to implement creativity into their societies. The Chinese education system, formerly regimented in memorization, standardized testing and curriculum is now “racing toward” our America’s old model, which included opportunities for children to express themselves creatively.

Our kids are missing out. Our society is known as a land of innovation, but it soon won’t be if the current trends persist.

The lifeblood of our industry—the creative industry—thrives on groundbreaking ideas not only in liberal arts, but in science, math, technology, etc. to craft inventive ways of reaching our ever-changing audiences. It doesn’t end there. Creativity is crucial to all involved in the marketing process from the development of new products to the production of messages used to sell them.

The good news is that creativity can be taught. Both adults and children can benefit from using their brains and moving.

The creative industry should be on the forefront of those influencing America to unplug and use their brains. Volunteer with at a museum. Teach art classes at the local community center. Mentor new hires. Simply do different activities with your families that don’t require being in front of a television or computer. Our jobs just may depend on it one day.