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On The Today Show today, there was a piece about women finally ruling the world. There are more women going to college and are currently in power positions. If we were ruling the world why does the boys club still exist? Many think of that of yesteryear like there isn’t prejudice in America anymore. Just because it’s been discussed in the media doesn’t mean it automatically vanished. Women may be making strides but, I do believe there are many industries the boys’ club are thriving. Women have been talking about it for generations around lunch tables and in coffee shops. I think the war has made an impact on how many men have been in college like in many wars of the past. Historically women ran the world until the men return from war. I will be curious if this trend returns.

I think it’s great women have excelled in business. Will it reflect our salaries, change the structure of business to be more accommodating to our hectic family and work schedules? So if we really are in charge, what changes can we make to make a lasting impact in the long run?