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There is such a misconception of what branding, public relations or what social media’s function is in business. Some consider a logo a brand while other view PR as smooching. Why have things become so confusing these days? Business these days is running at a sprinters pace with a new technological advancement in some sectors which seems by the minute. It can be very overwhelming for CEOs and managers to keep up with all of it. Try to take a step back and really listen to your customers. They often will point you to the right direction. All this tech stuff is great but remember it’s relationships which is the glue that holds all of these vehicles to make our life’s work easier. All it takes is making a goal to take small steps to eventually make big strides in business. One may be reaching out to new audiences while another may be looking how viable your business plan really is. If you make a plan and never return to it throughout the year then it’s wishful thinking not a viable working plan to help you achieve your objective and goals.