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A 12-year-old, British boy recently had racked up around $1,400 tab playing Farmville on Facebook. This game is played by 75,000 players monthly. She is asking them to take part of the responsibility for a child with a past history of addictive behavior. “When I asked him why he did it he said that they had brought out ‘good stuff that I wanted,’ ” the mother, who asked not to be named, told the newspaper. This child had a history of racking up a big cell phone bill that he could not pay.

What is the line between watching what your kids are doing and corporate responsibility? Should online game manufacturers be responsible? The fact is that kids under 16 should not be on Facebook according to their rules. Sources recommend having a computer in an area where kids can be monitored online. Granted kids will be kids and sneak to do things. If there is a will there will be a way. This is an opportunity for this mother to address his over spending and the real world implications of this. It’s about showing the true value of money. History has shown he is clearly not understanding this principal. It’s parents job to keep underage children off of sites that clearly state that. There are other options a child his age can use to interact socially that is more appropriate.