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In this uncertain fluctuating marketplace I often hear ceos, business owners and middle managers have a common thread in their perception of social media. Fear of the unknown, fear that if i speak on this platform on Facebook, Twitter etc… It will put a bull’s eye on my back for negative feedback or what if I put the wrong thing out there are typical objections I hear. I get it. Business is scary. The entrepreneur, boss or manager in you doesn’t want to fail. I don’t know any type of business that doesn’t have some sort of risk. Consumers will post good or bad reviews but it’s up to you to take responsibility to be aware of their opinions. This is a chance to make your business better. Another possibility is that the information out there is incorrect. This is an opportunity to educate the community about your business.

If open my store and I never tell anyone it’s open how will they find me? If they are knocking at your door (approaching you in social media) will you not interact with your customers and just turn your back. If someone posts a question and doesn’t get any feedback really is just poor customer service. Consumers today have a higher lever of expectation than ever before.

Don’t get paralysed by the unknown or let emotions dictate you, your business and the financial implications for all involved. Social media doesn’t have to be a daunting time sucking all-consuming thing. Can you afford to let fear hold your business back where your competitors could be thriving. Social media can be a competitive advantage in business. Twitter has been used to improve customer service for example. The proper plan implemented can be invaluable to maximizing your budgets to the best ROI. Setting a great plan in place can keep the team focused. I would recommend hiring a professional to help you in your efforts. They can answer these type of questions and put the proper things in place to help you navigate the waters.

Now is the time to execute this year’s budget. Are you ready?

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