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Ever wonder what happened to the video star of yesteryear? Remember when MTV actually meant videos on TV? The recording industry has changed a lot in the last few years. Blockbuster big budget videos doesn’t dictate record sales anymore. The industry has seen a downward trend in sales which has changed to the focus of the industry. The idea is about generating large opportunities around the music, build careers and their businesses. Video platform went from TV to the web to handhelds and IPOD formats. The interesting thing is that they are so hot on You Tube and cable networks who play more than 600 hours per week. MTV stop playing videos not because there wasn’t an interest, it’s because they wanted an audience to stay longer. I think video has maintained it’s viral nature because people enjoy it and share it with others. Even the NCIS show will show a plug for the music played during the show that week. Guest appearances by popular bands with story lines wrapped around them like in the last episode of CSI. They had one around the band Rascal Flats. It’s a great way to get to new audiences with the brand in ways that are interesting and resonate with audiences.

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