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http://gowalla.com/ is an interesting model for users to share their experiences. You can use their app to tell the software where you are located and click to register it. For example if you are at a football game in Texas you can register the location and let your friends know you are there right now through Facebook. You can also see what others have said about the location as well. The user has an option to collect and trade items. This can be a great tool to share your vacation or side trip with friends and family. It’s simple and fun. It a real time account of your trip.
Google’s Latitude IPhone app is an interesting way to see where your friends are in the city. Possibly you would like to meet for a bite or for a coffee. It might be a cool app to use for parents to keep track of where there kids are at all times.
Britekite is a IPhone app that will post where you are and the lastest happenings all at once to Facebook and Twitter etc..
These apps are a cool way to stay connected with each other with one easy click. You can make new friends to your network with theses tools. A great way to share new and cool experiences to expand every ones horizons.