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1. A way to enhance your customer service.
You can set up Twitter as a way to receive questions about your company’s product or service. TweetDeck app has a built permanent in third-party search method. Your customers can let you know what type of help they may need.

2. Coupon campaigns to promote your business.
Dell computer has used this to tweet links to coupons at Dell outlet’s Facebook page. Users can use this during the checkout at Dell.com. Some restaurants have used coupon passwords through their Twitter feed that will need to be spoken at checkout to be redeemed.

3. Viral marketing.
A London-based company was going to give away Mac and iPods. Contestants had to use the hashtag #moonfruit (hashtags collate Twitter responses). A month later the traffic to their website was up 300% and sales up 20%. It easily paid off the campaign’s investment.

4. Customer expectation management.
Keeping customers in the loop to provide more informed customer service is invaluable to managing customer expectations. For example,
 Jet Blue will tweet flight delays to their customers. United Linen company will let a customer know if their delivery will be delayed due to inclement weather.

5. Employee recruitment
Often times potential employees view a company’s Twitter page to see the corporate culture. They want to get a sense of what it’s really like first hand. 
It also is a cost-effective way to post job openings for staff you may need.