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We are continuously doing research on “why she buys” to give us insight into the impact that female consumers have on the marketplace. Much of what we learn in school is based on the age-old rules that were established when men ran the show. Not so much anymore.

Check out these five global trends and take note:

1.  The presence of more women in the workforce changes everything.

Women are on the go and convenience is the name of the game.

2.  Delayed marriage means more money spent on me.

Luxury goods, apparel and cosmetics are the only industries really to take note of a single woman’s power to purchase.  When will everyone else catch up?

3.  Lower birthrates globally mean few kids, but more stuff.

Kids today own more stuff than ever before.   Luxuries of yesterday have now become passé.

4.  The divorce economy means two of everything.

More smaller households creates the need to have your own.

5.  The presence of more older women redefines target market.

Gone are the days of gold lamé and shuffleboard tournaments.  Today’s older person adapts to technology and has powerful market influence.