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Frustrated by sending out what seems hundreds of resumes with little success? Let me give you a few tips that will help you stand out among the sea of applicants that apply for jobs everyday at our company, Baker Creative.

• When you send your resume include your cover letter in the actual e-mail. I would not attach the files incase some security settings on some computers might reject your attachments.

• Be sure that your cover letter states the reasons why you are the best candidate. I had a applicant craft a beautifully written cover letter. It reference different things about our company and it’s culture. He took the time to make it professionally personalized for me to read. It told me why his skills were relevant to my company. I loved it so much I read it twice.

•Evaluate the job posting to see if you really have the right skill set for this job. If you were hiring you would you consider your job experience the right fit? For example if you only have bartending experience, how would you prove to me you can do a copywriter’s job? Do you have any examples of your work you could send along for me to review?

• Spell check, spell check, spell check it screams in your materials and can become very distracting. Hey, we are all human. We all make mistakes. Just be careful. If you have a chance have someone else read it.

• If the posting says no calls, please do not e-mail to ask more about the job posting and not send your resume. If you want to be considered send the resume an then ask. You have to remember HR folks are getting tons of responses. They may not take the time to answer especially if you do not follow directions.

Just remember you are your Brand. As always I wanted to provide some tips to help you land the interview. I thought it could be beneficial to offer the perspective from the other side of the desk. If you have any more tips please let me know.